Eastern Touch Ayurvedic

Eastern Touch Ayurvedic offers Ayurvedic massages and Ayurvedic Health Consultations and Treatments.

Ayurvedic massages are traditional massages from India where both the body and mind are put in a state of complete relaxation using aromas, sound, organic oils, stones, and heat. Ayurvedic massages can be experienced as a relaxation treatment, or it can form part of an Ayurvedic health treatment following a consultation.

An Ayurvedic Health Consultation consist of examining eight areas of the body and bodily functions, all of which reveal places of balance and imbalance. It is a process through which the consultant really gets to know you through a list of questions, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, diet, lifestyle and other physical examinations. It helps the consultant to get a complete picture of you. Recommendations are then made on lifestyle changes, herb supplements, ayurvedic treatments as well as massage treatments to help your healing process.

Eastern Touch Ayurvedic promotes living in harmony with our environment using basic concepts of Ayurveda and applying them into every day living. Ayurveda helps us maintain balance within our own body, mind, and soul to keep us balance and live a healthy lifestyle. Eastern Touch Ayurvedic helps you replenish your reserves and get you feeling like the best version of yourself. 

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