Drawn to healing arts from an early age, ayurveda came into my life in 2018. I desired to learn about a type of massage that would connect the body, mind, and spirit which led me to an ayurvedic massage school in Goa, India. Upon my return to Canada, I began offering ayurvedic massages ultimately leading to the creation of Eastern Touch Ayurvedic. My journey into the world of ayurveda evolves every single day. I continue to pursue training in different types of ayurvedic body therapies, ayurvedic treatments and I am a student of ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda. Along this journey, I became a meditation teacher, a yoga teacher, and a reiki practitioner. Ayurveda has helped me keep my mind and body into balance after years of suffering with eating disorders. I am thrilled to be able to bring this ancient knowledge and teach you how you can also benefit from this traditional wisdom. Ayurveda teaches how each of us are unique, hence a treatment that may work for one individual may not work for another individual. Ayurveda helps us understand our connection with nature and how much we are a part of it. I am very excited to helping you embrace your body’s natural healing power. Bringing ayurveda into people’s lives is truly one of nature’s best gifts.

Heidi Sivret, Business Owner, Eastern Touch Ayurvedic

Dr. Harihar Mohan, is our new addition to the Eastern Touch Ayurvedic family. Dr. Mohan holds a degree of BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a DNYS MD (Masters in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences). He is an Ayurvedic Consultant and Panchakarma Specialist for all human body diseases. He specialises in all types of disorders such as skin disorders, arthritis, lower back ache, cervical problems, common colds, chest diseases, joint pains, gut/stomach issues, reproductive disorders and many more. He holds in-depth knowledge and experience in panchakarma practices (body cleansing). He has practiced ayurveda all of over India as well as being the former owner of an ayurvedic clinic in India where he oversaw at least 50 patients per week. Dr. Mohan moved to Nova Scotia in 2022 and he is very excited at the prospective of offering ayurveda treatments and to continue to bring awareness and education about ayurveda to his new community. We are very pleased to have Dr. Mohan join Eastern Touch Ayurvedic and look forward to working with such an experienced individual within the tradition of ayurveda.

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